Source Data is sometimes hard to understand. Halo Source makes this process easy with its Data Discovery Features.

Here is an overview on some of these Features:

In a real wold System you often have literally hundreds of Fields with more or less meaningless names. The integrated Data Profiling allows you to sneak peek into your data and shows you for every field

  • if it is populated
  • the percentage of empy values
  • how many Differnt Values you have
  • The Top 5 ,Bottom 5  Values and the most common 5 Values

this makes it much easier to identify the right column. You literally see the values you are looking for immediately.

To get a deeper understanding of your Data you can see Data distribution  (how often every value occurs). Gaps and Island Analysis is also available to show you if you have gaps in your Invoice Numbers.

To make sure your data looks as you expect it you can do a Pattern analysis showing you how digits, characters and Special characters are distributed.

You can store all profiling results in a database and monitor changes over time. This way you can easily identify unexpected Values and other Data Issues. Data Quality can be monitored over time. Halo Source keeps track about every field you used in the whole Data Transformation process. In the Global Table / Field Search you can identify every reference to a specific Field.
Here you see the global search showing all references to a Customer Code. No matter if it’s used in the Extract or a transformation – all of them are immediately accessible.

This makes it easy to see if you already extracted the needed information from the source system. If this information is available in your Source System, Halo Source can identidy how to link tables and allow you to add referenced Tables to your Project.