Save 90%-95% time and Effort in Data Integration

We developed Halo Source to speed up development of Data Integration Solutions. We make maintenance as simple as possible.

In a Real World Projects a lot can go wrong.  Unexpected source system changes can cause weeks of work fixing the Data Integration. Employees who know all the details leave the company and nobody knows how to maintain their projects. Often there is no (or outdated) documentation. Requirements are often specified only on a very high level.

Halo Source addresses all of these issues. It reduces the the complexity of Data Integration Projects. Halo Source is accessible for non experts users. It empowers your team to work with agile methods.

This literally saves 90% time and effort and more compared to native Database Tools.

Here are some Areas where Halo Source helps a lot:

  • Difficult Data discovery
  • Source System changes
  • People who designed Data Integration left the Company
  • Special Skills needed to Maintain Data Integration
  • Lack of Documentation
  • Limited Expert Availability
  • Changing Requirements
  • Incomplete Requirements

How we save Time and Effort in Detail