Andreas Minnich, member of the National Council, Peter Hopfeld and Anna Schrittwieser visited us to personally congratulate us on winning the Innovation Award.

Schindler IT-Solutions has implemented the databee project for the Scottish Health Authority, NHS Borders. The aim of this project was to prepare more than 15 terabytes of data for cloud migration. Not all data is suitable for the cloud. databee processes the data without storing it. With the support of AI, this data is analyzed and classified. Based on the classification, it can be determined which data can be deleted, which is not suitable for the cloud and which will be transferred to the cloud to work with.

databee can be used everywhere where large amounts of data have to be processed. The goal of this project is to reduce the costs for storage space and licenses.

After the project presentation, we continued with a tour of our company. Afterwards, discussions were held with a focus on digitalization, how the subsidies are received by entrepreneurs and which advantages and disadvantages companies have to deal with in terms of subsidies. Andreas Schindler, certified digital consultant and DSGVO expert, was able to contribute his experience as a consultant and also his knowledge of funded projects that have already been implemented in-house to the discussion. Andreas Minnich, Member of the National Council, promised support and to discuss the concerns of the entrepreneurs with our Federal Minister Margarete Schamböck, who is responsible for digitalization.