In a few days, SITS4safe, the new service wave from Schindler IT-Solutions, will go live. At regular intervals, Andreas Schindler, our certified cybersecurity, digitalisation and data protection expert, will provide tips on current topics such as AI, Power BI, DSGVO, data security and much more!

Briefly about the person: Andreas Schindler dedicated himself to the topic of data at an early stage.

He was a pioneer in the implementation of paperless office projects as early as the 1990s. Later, he dedicated himself entirely to the topic of data and implemented numerous projects overseas. He recognised early on the potential that data opens up many possibilities and is there to work with, but at the same time needs special protection.

In recent years, his company has increasingly focused on Power BI and AI. In 2020, he was likely to take first prize at the Constantinus Award International Projects for the project "databee - With AI into the Cloud" at the Scottish Health Authority and received the Innovation Award of Lower Austria as project manager. In 2022, his company was nominated for the Constantinus International Projects with the customer BBS Automation for the project "digi4planning - Worldwide consolidation of accounting and project progress data".

Since 2018, Schindler IT-Solutions has been continuously bringing new software to the market(easyGDPR, databee and, since the beginning of the year, digi4business), which is sold directly to B2B customers. Despite his work as a consultant, Andreas Schindler has never left IT and is still working on new creative and innovative solutions.

For a few months now, he has also been working as an editor for the podcast Austria Safe, which goes on air once a month on Radio Orange 94.0 . He also contributes his know-how on the topic of data protection to the cybersecurity hotline of the WKO.