Cloud Trend 2023

Published by Maria Steindl-Schindler on

We used the turn of the year to take a closer look at the topic of cloud and in which direction it is developing. What should IT professionals and business decision-makers not miss?

Investing in Cloud Security

The issue of cloud security is a priority. The concern about cloud-based databreach is even greater than ransomware attacks. It is there that we will see a significant increase in AI-powered predictive technologies to ensure that these attacks are detected early. That's why small and medium-sized enterprises in particular will turn to Security as a Service offerings, so that their own IT resources are strengthened and cloud protection is optimized.

Hybrid work models promote cloud-basing technologies

The last few years have catapulted us into a hybrid working world. From one day to the next, home office was the order of the day for many people, and in many companies this has been maintained to some extent. But this hybrid work model places new demands on IT. Cloud based tools for communication, project management, video conferencing have enabled us to continue business as usual in the first Covid waves.

As an entrepreneur, you have to think about the future and it will no longer be a matter of enabling simple file sharing, but of taking the entire content management system into the cloud as software as a service. Allowing remote document and business processes to run smoothly and, in some cases, automatically, enables teams to increase productivity and work efficiently, regardless of location.

Cloud solutions to increase efficiency

Companies and employees have arrived in the new world of work. But now it's time to take a look at the cloud solutions that have been implemented at lightning speed, as the decision was not made strategically, but out of necessity. Virtually overnight, companies have moved to the home office. Now it's time to review the systems for duplicate functionality to ensure more efficient digital processes, reduce maintenance and security efforts, and also think about how the various systems can communicate with each other to improve employee performance and work on the sources of errors that inevitably occur when employees are not sitting side by side.

The digitization grants offer an additional incentive, because who doesn't dream of having a system in operation that reflects all processes. The only problem is that the subsidies are always gone quickly, which is all the more reason to start now and perhaps be at the forefront of the next release. SME's don't have to settle for standard solutions that don't fit properly into the workflow. There are also affordable cloud-based ERP systems for SMEs, e.g. digi4business, which are offered as software as service.

Sustainability in cloud platform becomes even more important

Due to the events of the past years and in view of the energy shortage, the demand for sustainable energy-saving cloud platforms is increasing. Energy-saving operation is a decisive factor for the profitability of offerings and services in view of rising electricity prices. Micosoft will also roll out more initiatives in this direction. But smaller companies are also moving in this direction, as we can see from Schindler IT Solutions, for example. In 2023, only electricity from its own production will be used and will be available around the clock for server operation by means of electricity storage.

We asked Andreas Schindler (CEO) why he has invested a lot of money in sustainability in recent years and why further investments will follow. "For me it is important to be independent, and I achieve that by producing the electricity myself. You hear about blackouts all the time and that's why we thought about how we could guarantee our customers who store their homepages with us or run their business with dig4business as a service as failure-free as possible. Of course we are aware that we are also dependent on influences that we can not control ourselves, but we can still ensure that our servers are running and our customers can work.