Schindler IT-Solutions GmbH, an Austrian family business with headquarter in City of Stetten, stands for sustainability, innovation, creativity and data security.

Founded in 1992 as a one-man business by Ing. Andreas Schindler, the company was incorporated into the current Schindler IT-Solutions GmbH in 2001. In addition to network security solutions for data protection, the company started data analysis and data evaluation in the BI area.  

New innovative and creative ideas have constantly expanded our business segment. In 2018 the company successfully simplified the GDPR with the in-house developed software easyGDPR. With the starter version, easyGDPR lite,we enabled our customers to use technologies, which were previously only available for larger companies and groups, for a reasonable price.

With the tool, the obligatory documentation can be written and comfortably managed. Furthermore, larger companies can also use easyGDPR to automatically answer data subject requests.

In 2020, Schindler IT-Solutions GmbH was able to present another software product under the name databee . Its data exploration service based on machine learning and artificial intelligence is already being used successfully by various customers. databee was awarded the Constantinus Award International Projects and the Lower Austrian Innovation Award in 2020.

In consultations, seminars, training courses and workshops we also give our know-how to our customers, implement projects or advise you in the implementation of your projects.

Andreas Schindler, our certified Digital Consultant and GDPR expert, is available for consulting and training and brings his know-how into the company as CEO of Schindler IT-Solutions GmbH.

"Make your data work for you"

We will continue to follow this principle and set further milestones in the age of digitalization, so that the data is not only secure, but also works for our customers and allows them to look ahead into the future.

2020 Schindler IT-Solutions GmbH takes over Halo Development GmbH. Halo previously served the market in America, New Zealand and Australia and is based in the area of business intelligence. PowerBI, data analysis, data and network security as well as DSGVO meet BI and are now under one roof.

2021 Schindler IT Solutions GmbH now operates its headquarters with the power of the sun. Photovoltaic system, in combination with battery storage, supplies the entire network, including the server systems, which are operated around the clock.

2022 digi4buiness another software developed by Schindler IT is launched on the market. Special digitisation solutions for craft businesses, court-appointed experts, real estate marketers,..... The software is designed to be flexible so that it can also be adapted to processes. Other tools are available under the digi4business brand, e.g. digi4learning, a course and seminar management system, digi4report for quick reporting, digi4analytics for data analysis,....