Easy data entry, precise damage description and image documentation directly on the tablet. Standardised reports with options for selection enable the surveyor to complete the survey directly on site. With 70% time savings in post-processing, the number of appraisals can be increased and billing with digi4business simplified.

Efforts (e.g. time recording system, automatic km money calculation,...) are recorded on site and transferred directly to the digi4business accounting system to speed up the accounting of the experts. Paperwork and the tedious collection of data and documents are a thing of the past.

With digi4business, data is recorded once and further processed by any number of employees. In 70% of the appraisals, relevant data can be selected with a mouse click. Predefined standard texts of the customer can be easily modified at any time so that special cases can also be documented and the picture documentation is done directly with the tablet or mobile phone and added to the report. The finished report, including damage calculation, can be printed out by the policyholder or sent directly to the insurance company. The complex billing of KM money, working time, etc. is also recorded on site and can be settled with digi4business billing in a few simple steps.

digi4 for surveyors stands for constructive and effective work, is characterised by consistent quality, as junior surveyors can also be deployed more quickly, and enables faster settlement of claims, which ultimately also benefits the policyholder.