Who does not know the problem? Different IS systems are used at each location, each software works differently and provides data in different forms. In the end, the data must be painstakingly brought together by hand to find the correct key figures or the deviations from project data. It is quicker to rely on the right software that does the work for you.

With the use of modern technologies for worldwide data transparency, accounting and project data are read in from different systems with digi4planning. Discrepancies in project data, key figures, .... are quickly recognised and can be clarified in a short time. Time-consuming reporting to the head office is no longer necessary and time differences fade into the background.

Working is more fun when the data from the different branches is transparent and available in a uniform form. The reaction time is very short because up-to-date data is available and you can take countermeasures more quickly if there are differences.