The Business Application Research Center has discovered in the study "Leverage you Data" that 87% of entrepreneurs believe that optimized data processing can improve business results.

Exciting insights require both the combination of data from different sources and a visualization of these data to make the insights easy to understand. This requires expertise in source data, data science and data visualization.

With two examples, we show you how our customers have gained new insights by means of data analysis and how they have been able to use this information successfully

Criminal cases on a map brought new customer orders

A security services provider in the UK wanted to show its customers why the presence of security personnel is important.

More than half a million criminal cases per month were visualized by this map.

This presentation has enabled the company to demonstrate the benefits of its services. As a result, this security company was able to win new customers and further expand its market position.

Increase in turnover through member motivation

A multi-level marketing provider with more than five million members had set itself the goal of providing its best networkers with more information to increase sales.

With the help of a dashboard, several thousand members were able to access the data in parallel and thus obtain an up-to-date overview of the activities of his/her recruited members and their recruited members. Based on this knowledge it was possible to take the right measures.

Data analysis - Where else was it used?

  • Enterprise planning and forecasting in multiple languages and currencies with 70 planners active simultaneously
  • Supply chain optimization for medical tests
  • Setting up a multinational BI system in more than 20 countries
  • PowerBI Dashboards for Customers
  • AI-based analysis and classification of documents
  • Evaluation of software usage for license optimization
  • Development of a company-wide "Data Lake"
  • Representative management and sales planning
  • Automation of data subject requests
  • Machine monitoring
  • Sentiment analysis (positive/negative) about statements of decision makers in social media
  • Finding optimal company locations taking into account the travel times of the employees

The list can be continued indefinitely. Ultimately, the customer sets the goal and Schindler IT-Solutions GmbH provides the technology and know-how.

"Data works for people, not people for data.
Smart combination and analysis of data is the key to success."

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