Digitisation funding in Lower Austria

As an entrepreneur, you certainly have your hands full.
Whether marketing/sales, production or administration - all these areas can be made more effective through digitization.
With digi4Wirtschaft, you can now implement your ideas more easily and receive up to 50% funding.

Do you already have an idea for a project? Are your business processes already automated? You can no longer close your mind to digitalization. Automatic delivery of official documents is already an integral part of our company. The best thing is to get advice from our digitization expert Ing. Andreas Schindler, who will discuss your ideas and goals with you, help you with the submission, accompany projects and implement them together with you.

Digi4Wirtschaft is aimed at all Lower Austrian companies that want to adapt their business to the modern zeitgeist in order to be successful in the future. digi4Wirtschaft (formerly Digi4KMU) supports digital technologies that increase the productivity, flexibility and agility of companies. As with all subsidies, "while stocks last" applies here as well.

What is being promoted?

digi4Wirtschaft promotes digital innovations in the following areas:

  • Improvement of the product properties
  • Digitalization of procedures (processes)
    • Purchasing
    • Marketing and distribution
    • Production
  • Digital services and services
  • Digital business models

How high is the subsidy?


Assessment of the possibilities and creation of concrete digitisation projects

Max. € 3.300 Grant


Investment and implementation of your digitisation project

Max. € 70,000 with 50% subsidy
possibly NÖBEG liability for a bank loan

How do I get the funding?

Secure your initial consultation without obligation and free of charge. If desired, our digitization expert Ing. Andreas Schindler will also support you with the submission and accompany you during the implementation of your projects.

Call us at

+43 2262 672040

or send us a message and our digitisation expert will call you back.

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