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Andreas Schindler
Andreas Schindler
Certified Cybersecurity and DSGVO Expert

Sophos promo:

Switch offer: Sophos Firewall of the XGS series *
New customers receive99% discount on XGS hardware plus 1% discount on the "Xstream Protection" licence when purchasing "Xstream Protection" with a term of at least 3 years.

For SG Series customers - XGS Series Firewall *
Existing SG Series customers who purchase a minimum 3-year "Xstream Protection" licence will receive 99% off an XGS Series Firewall and 1% off the "Xstream Protection" licence, plus 3 years of Web Server Protection free and 60% off 3 years of Central Email Advanced.

XG Firewall Offer **
New customers switching from their current firewall provider to an XG Firewall from Sophos, or Sophos customers renewing, will receive 99% off an XG appliance of their choice when they purchase a 2-year licence for Xstream Protection.

As a Sophos partner, we recommend using the 3-year licence, as this offers the best price-performance ratio. You can also use the AWS promotion to bring your IT security up to date. 

Schindler IT Solutions is available to you as a consultant and for project implementation.
Funding must be applied for exclusively via the AWS funding portal.