Microsoft Power BI allows you to analyze and visualize any data. Data from different sources can be merged and processed. The "entry price" for Power BI is about 10 EUR/per user and month *). That sounds almost too good to be true.

Power BI as a self service tool

power BI

Microsoft promotes Power BI as a "self-service tool". Simple reports can be created really easily. Unfortunately, the data in companies is usually more complex than expected and even a visualization tool alone does not let the data speak.

The three most common issues with Power BI as a self-service tool

  • Secure access to corporate data
    Data from the company must be synchronized with Power BI via a gateway. The secure setup is not trivial
  • Data does not fit together
    Data from different sources cannot be easily linked
    Without experience, there is a risk of producing a wrong result.
  • Data is incomprehensible
    Data only starts to speak when it has been suitably prepared. Without experience, it is difficult to select the right data for visualization and preparation that actually tells a story and enables meaningful decisions.

Is Power BI then the right tool?

YES! Power BI is an effective tool for data visualization for most requirements.

But the tool has to be operated correctly to deliver correct data.

  • Even with a self-service tool such as Power BI, employees should receive support and training so that reports are easy to maintain and data is presented in an easily understandable way.
  • The data should not be queried ad hoc, but should be prepared in a standardized way so that there is only "one version of the truth" in the reports and dashboards. This is the only way to ensure, for example, that "sales" means the same thing in every report.

Support by Schindler IT

Our team has more than twenty years of experience in data integration and data preparation. We would be happy to develop a data model that provides the answers to your questions simply and securely with Power BI.

We support your team with tailor-made courses for Power BI, so that all possibilities can be exploited in your project.

Our experts get your data talking with Power BI.

Microsoft Gold Partner Data Platform and Application Development
Microsoft Gold Partner Data Platform and Application Development

Power BI can also be embedded directly into your applications. As a Microsoft Gold Partner for Data Platform, we provide you with the most cost-effective Power BI licenses for your application.

*) non-binding price