Get your company's data to help you make the right decision. Increase productivity and use the tools to save time and resources. Benefit from lower financial risk as decisions are based on facts and accurate data. Transparent processes enable you to optimise your company's processes and recognise trends from your customers in time. The technology-driven processes for data analysis make the data visible to you as a manager.

BI provides the insights that make fact-based decisions possible.

Why have many companies not implemented BI yet?

According to a study by BARC, many BI projects fail

  • Too few resources in the project team
  • Unclear requirements
  • Difficulties with data migration

Implementing Business Intelligence effectively

Our team of experts has more than 25 years of experience in successfully implementing BI projects.

Our experience has enabled us to fully and correctly understand your requirements and offer the most suitable solution for you.

We implement your BI solution without you needing internal experts or support your employees exactly where you need help - exactly as you wish.

With our product databee, we find and merge all data necessary for your project.

In most projects, we use Microsoft PowerBI for data visualization.

Microsoft Gold Partner Data Platform and Application Development

We make your data talk.
The data answers your questions and your employees take care of your business.

The data science, the most effective tools, the correct integration of the data and the easily maintainable implementation are taken over by our experts.

Your success is important to us.

Success with BI

Group BI with a small team

Group BI with a small team The German group WIKA is a global leader in pressure, temperature and level measurement technology with more than 40 subsidiaries worldwide. Only three employees are responsible for the entire worldwide group BI system in order to provide colleagues at the locations with a reporting and analysis tool for almost all business areas [...]. read more...

Data analysis

The Business Application Research Center has discovered in the study "Leverage you Data" that 87% of entrepreneurs believe that optimized data processing can improve business results. read more...