In everyday life, vast amounts of data are created. Documents, databases, logs, files and much more is produced on the conveyor belt. As a rule, most of the data is not explicitly managed. This creates uncontrolled data collections.

Without data management

  • high costs for data storage and backup
  • Risk of data loss and misuse
  • Risk of DSGVO violations
  • no access to the data
  • unauthorized access to data

With databee data management

  • you know what data is available
  • Ensure that every employee has the data they need
  • prevent unauthorized access
  • Manage the data DSGVO compliant
  • save costs on cloud services and licenses
  • you can safely delete duplicates and data that is no longer needed

Applications of databee

databee - with AI into the Cloud - License Optimization

The Microsoft Cloud promises to save IT costs and to enable you to work more flexible.

However, savings are only possible if the data is actually suitable for the cloud. Unsuitable data in the cloud will force you to purchase more expensive office packages and negate the potential savings.

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databee - Data cleansing

databee File Data Cleanup is a module of databee to detect files that should not be stored. In many customer projects we have discovered that 10-25% of the stored data volume should be deleted. read more...

databee - File deduplication

databee File Deduplication is a module of databee for cross-site detection and removal of duplicates in file shares. The module uses algorithms developed by the experts at Schindler IT-Solutions. These detect duplicates across locations. Duplicates not only take up storage space, but also bear the risk that several people have different versions of the [...] read more...

databee - Data Classification

databee Data Classification is an extension of our databee service that analyses the content of documents and classifies them. databee recognises the content of documents thanks to AI (artificial intelligence) and machine learning. This enables it to recognise, for example, job applications, meeting minutes, own invoices, sick notes and much more. The experts from Schindler IT-Solutions GmbH train [...] read more...