databee Data Classification is an extension of our databee service, which analyses the content of documents and classifies them.

databee recognizes the content of documents thanks to AI (artificial intelligence) and Machine Learning. In this way, applications, meeting minutes, own invoices, sick notes and much more can be recognised.

The experts at Schindler IT-Solutions GmbH train the AI so that the documents relevant to you are reliably recognized.

Thoroughly planned classification enables more efficient use and protection of critical data across the enterprise. It thus contributes to risk management, legal clarification and compliance processes.

This process, both on-premise and in the cloud, is thus a solid foundation for identifying high-risk areas in the IT network and prioritizing IT security measures.

Data classification enables IT security teams to both increase the security of mission-critical data and improve regulatory compliance.

Without this data classification, your IT department has no way of protecting data adequately.

In combination with the basic function of databee, data classification shows which data has been actively changed. This makes it clear which files are better moved to an archive.

Data classification is also the basis for compliance with the DSGVO rules.

Manual classification is a lot of work for your employees. Automation using databee considerably reduces the effort and thus also the costs.

databee enables you to prove that you comply with the legal regulations on data protection and that you manage your data correctly.