The Microsoft Cloud promises to save IT costs and to enable you to work more flexible.

However, savings are only possible if the data is actually suitable for the cloud. Unsuitable data in the cloud will force you to purchase more expensive office packages and negate the potential savings.

Simply moving all data to the cloud can cause that data synchronization consumes all available internal bandwidth. This makes work more difficult for everyone.

The databee service developed by Schindler IT-Solutions GmbH enables automatic analysis of data destined for the cloud. This guarantees that data is only migrated to the could, if they are suitable for it. databee also recognises which licence is suitable for which user.

For a customer in Great Britain with 5,000 users, the savings potential of a Microsoft Office 365 migration has already been analyzed. 15 TB of data were analysed and we came to the following conclusion:

  • Only 4 TB were suitable for the cloud
  • 15% of the data were duplicates
  • 600 found users were no longer active and therefore did not need a license
  • 70% of the users could use the cheapest cloud license after cleansing their data

Overall, 75% of the license costs could be saved. The analysis was completed within one week of accessing the data.

If you are planning to migrate your data to the cloud, then you should call on experts to help you with planning and implementation. We know how to do it and are happy to provide our know-how.