A lot of time and money is spent on work steps that have to be done several times because the systems do not cooperate, paperwork, etc. The magic word is "digitalisation". The magic word is "digitalisation".

The solution is digi4business - the flexible digitalisation solution for SMEs.

Step by step from the first customer contact, working time recording, report generation, telephone lists, offer, order, subscription management, course management, delivery note, invoice, automated invoice dispatch to your customer up to the accounting transfer. digi4business is composed of various modules.

The billing basis is digi4business with the merchandise management system. However, these individual modules can also be used independently of digi4business.

As a customer, you decide which modules you want to use in your company and thus get a cost-efficient solution for your digital business process.

digi4business is a flexible industry-independent solution and is already being used in craft businesses, by insurance adjusters, publishers, training providers,......

You are now just one step away from automating the workflow.