The digital form of continuing education for seminar/workshop providers and companies for staff training.

In order to guarantee the quality in the company, the training of the employees is the basic foundation. Manpower is expensive and it is very cost-intensive if all employees have the same level of know-how.

Employees come and go, trainings often have to be repeated and in many cases you also have to resort to external trainers.

digi4learning offers an efficient training option for employees. No matter when an employee comes to your company. Everyone can go through the training process in a cost-effective way with this online tool. The course planning system makes it possible to plan the courses. It can also be used to create a training plan for each individual employee.

You decide when the respective employee takes the next step towards further training. Online courses in the company are not enough? Then you can call on experts on site or in training centres. With the connection to the Outlook calendar, you send the invitations to all participants and they confirm the date.

At the end of the course, each employee can take a small test to ensure that the knowledge they have gained has been properly received.

As an entrepreneur, you also have the option of printing out certificates for your employees for the courses they have completed. This function is especially appreciated by your employees, as it shows them what they can already do. It also increases their motivation to take further courses.

digi4learning is also a relief for providers of workshops and seminars. In this case, it is possible to connect digi4learing to digi4business so that an invoice can also be created immediately and the payments managed. It is also possible to connect digi4business to the usual accounting systems and the invoices are automatically posted.