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easyGDPR is a software solution that was developed in close cooperation with certified DSGVO experts, so that companies can quickly and easily implement and fulfill the requirements of the GDPR in their routines.

This online tool guides you step by step through the process.

After completion, you will not only receive the necessary DSGVO documentation, but also see in which areas there is still room for improvement.

According to GDPR, companies are obliged to constantly keep their documentation up to date. With easyGDPR you have access to your documentation at any time, you can adapt it and you will be informed about program changes by mail.

On our website easygdpr.eu you will also always receive the latest news about GDPR as well as information about our workshops on data security or GDPR. Current decisions of the data protection authorities are analysed as well as changes in the law or urban legends.

Benefit from real expert knowledge. In our monthly easyGDPR News we inform our customers about news on GDPR and data security.