Reports of successful cyber attacks on companies are becoming increasingly frequent. Even well-respected companies have already become victims of hackers and ransomware.

Many ask themselves if optimal protection is even possible or if a successful attack on their own network is only a matter of time.

However, a closer look on the successful attacks reveals a different picture. The affected companies have relied on security solutions that are no longer state-of-the-art.

A few years ago, a company was well protected with a firewall and virus scanner.
Today, malicious software is not noticed from a classic virus scanner and a firewall.

Today, most attacks come via email attachments, compromised websites or USB sticks.

A classic firewall, which does not check the content of e-mails and websites before they are delivered, leaves the user defenceless. The virus scanner has no chance, because it scans the hard disk for known malware, but current malware never lands on the hard disk recognizably.

What is the state of the art

State of the art is a NG (Next Generation) Firewall, which controls the content of websites and e-mails and detects malware before it reaches a computer or server.

Modern protection software (endpoint protection) provides several levels of protection, which detects malware by its behavior before it can become active.

We recommend our customers to use Sophos security solutions. What makes Sophos special is the interaction between firewall and endpoint protection, which together detect and prevent the problematic behavior of malware.

For each attack detected, Sophos also analyses the source of the malware, ensuring that the attack is 100% blocked.

Independent tests also confirm that Sophos protects your computer networks

Whatever IT security challenges you are facing, Sophos offers a complete, reliable solution. We have been a certified Sophos partner for more than 20 years and have been successfully protecting our customers' data since then. You can benefit from our experience as well.